An action-focused coalition

The Alaska Child Care Coalition is a diverse, statewide group of organizations, providers, parents, and advocates focused on long-term, systemic transformation of the Alaska child care system. We are working together for an Alaska in which everyone can find high-quality child care that they can afford in the setting of their choice, so that all our children will be ready for kindergarten. An Alaska in which:

  • Child care providers are well compensated and trained creating a stable, skilled workforce.

  • Equity is the central value for child care, both for families and for providers.

  • We have crafted the most family friendly state in the union.

We will seek to realize our vision by:

  • Building a movement at state and local levels

  • Raising public awareness about the importance of early childhood education

  • Elevating the voices of our families and child care providers

  • Developing cross-sector partnerships

  • Building public will for policy change

  • Transforming state child care policy